Jared Eigerman

Over the course of his career, Jared Eigerman has developed a reputation as a leading authority on land use.

A Little About Me

Jared Eigerman is a land use expert with over two decades of experience. Since graduating from university, he has held positions in both private practice and local government. The Greater Boston area is where he primarily works despite his dual state licensure, which allows him to operate in both California and Massachusetts.

At the same time, he's an expert in all things zoning and permits, so you can count on him to handle anything from research to creating laws to speaking to government officials. He can even provide funding recommendations based on his extensive knowledge of the subject matter.

Every project Eigerman works on, no matter how huge or how intricate, has the same end goal: to assist his clients in achieving their objectives as rapidly as possible while navigating the confusing world of land use legislation and regulations.

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